Locally Grown Gardens

March 19, 2012 § 9 Comments

That right there is pork pulled right. That right there is 1 of 2 dishes available at Locally Grown Gardens, a “year round farmers market” and eatery owned by Chef Ron Harris, who runs the joint and bakes the best damn sugar cream pie you’ve ever put in your face.

Actually, let’s be honest, he makes a lot of the best damn [insert food here] you’ve ever put in your face. Along with the above picture pulled pork, you can get the “other thing on the menu” salmon salad (another Garden-goer had ordered this and it looked amazing, but I wasn’t going to get all up in his grill with my camera),¬†various baked goods depending on the season, produce from around Indiana, a well-stocked root beer collection, a selection of oils and vinegars and honeys and syrups and and and–basically everything stocked in this small, repurposed service station is the best of what it is. You can even grab a bundle or 4 of firewood for your next backyard campfire.

Locally Grown is right around the corner from my house at 54th & the Monon, which is at once awesome and dangerous. It’s handy for great local produce if I haven’t made it to a farmers market lately, but I basically want to spend all my money there and just have Chef cook for me all the time. I would also like to own everything in his kitchen/dining corner of the market.

Including his dining area/library/sun room.

If you’re in the south Broad Ripple area and you’ve not made it a point to stop in to LCG, get thee to there. If you haven’t had lunch or dinner yet, do so. Enjoy the reggae that Chef Harris enjoys, and chill out in the sun room and eat what he has for you. It is good. It is all so so good.


Scullery Skills: An Outsourced Post

March 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

Republicans are going to pitch a fit for outsourcing today’s Scullery Skills post, what with all that “This is America! Hire Americans!” rhetoric. But, you right-wingers jerking your knees at the “O-word” need only to click the link to find I’m only referencing a Cooking Light article, a publication based right here in the good ol’ You Es of Aye*.

Image from referenced Cooking Light article. Please don't sue me, CL.

This article, The Most Common Cooking Mistakes, is basically a Scullery Skills crash course, so given my lack of time to write my own more specifically targeted Skills post, I’m just gonna link you over there. There is a lot of good knowledge there. I even borrowed some of the knowledge to update my recipe for sweet potato “fries” (bottom rack instead of middle, and added a step to soak them for 30 minutes before tossing in oil).

So go. Go and bask in the glory of knowledge.

*Did y’all get that I alluded to every single country on the North American continent? Pr’ smooth, aye?

We’ll Be Back After These Messages from Our Sponsors

March 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

Sorry it’s been so quiet around here the past week or so. Life has been insane since returning from AWP, and I’ve been having to focus practically all my free time on my other pet project, Vouched Books, and the upcoming Over the Top Reading Tour next month. Check this out:

If you live in or near those cities, it’d be amazing to see you out to one of these readings!

I have some PIIYF posts in the hopper including a review of Booker’s Bourbon, a peanut stirfry recipe, and more highlights from the Portland trip. Until then, I hope you’re enjoying this pre-Spring weather!

AWP and Soft River Reading

March 1, 2012 § 3 Comments

Lots going on this week, and not a lot of it is about food, though I’m really stoked to get to hang out with food & lit pal Carrie Murphy (Plums In the Icebox) at the AWP conference in Chicago this week. We are planning on going on a food adventure somewhere, so you can count on a post about that when I return.¬†

Also, for those in the Indy area, I’m going to be reading with poet extraordinaire Matt Hart at the Soft River Reading Series next Tuesday. It’s a bit last minute because Hart’s other reading that night got cancelled, so we put something ¬†together for him here in Indy. I would love to see you there, and I’ll have copies of my new book The Fullness of Everything! Here’s a flyer with all the info:


Have a good week!

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