Scullery Skills: An Outsourced Post

March 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

Republicans are going to pitch a fit for outsourcing today’s Scullery Skills post, what with all that “This is America! Hire Americans!” rhetoric. But, you right-wingers jerking your knees at the “O-word” need only to click the link to find I’m only referencing a Cooking Light article, a publication based right here in the good ol’ You Es of Aye*.

Image from referenced Cooking Light article. Please don't sue me, CL.

This article, The Most Common Cooking Mistakes, is basically a Scullery Skills crash course, so given my lack of time to write my own more specifically targeted Skills post, I’m just gonna link you over there. There is a lot of good knowledge there. I even borrowed some of the knowledge to update my recipe for sweet potato “fries” (bottom rack instead of middle, and added a step to soak them for 30 minutes before tossing in oil).

So go. Go and bask in the glory of knowledge.

*Did y’all get that I alluded to every single country on the North American continent? Pr’ smooth, aye?


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