Locally Grown Gardens

March 19, 2012 § 9 Comments

That right there is pork pulled right. That right there is 1 of 2 dishes available at Locally Grown Gardens, a “year round farmers market” and eatery owned by Chef Ron Harris, who runs the joint and bakes the best damn sugar cream pie you’ve ever put in your face.

Actually, let’s be honest, he makes a lot of the best damn [insert food here] you’ve ever put in your face. Along with the above picture pulled pork, you can get the “other thing on the menu” salmon salad (another Garden-goer had ordered this and it looked amazing, but I wasn’t going to get all up in his grill with my camera), various baked goods depending on the season, produce from around Indiana, a well-stocked root beer collection, a selection of oils and vinegars and honeys and syrups and and and–basically everything stocked in this small, repurposed service station is the best of what it is. You can even grab a bundle or 4 of firewood for your next backyard campfire.

Locally Grown is right around the corner from my house at 54th & the Monon, which is at once awesome and dangerous. It’s handy for great local produce if I haven’t made it to a farmers market lately, but I basically want to spend all my money there and just have Chef cook for me all the time. I would also like to own everything in his kitchen/dining corner of the market.

Including his dining area/library/sun room.

If you’re in the south Broad Ripple area and you’ve not made it a point to stop in to LCG, get thee to there. If you haven’t had lunch or dinner yet, do so. Enjoy the reggae that Chef Harris enjoys, and chill out in the sun room and eat what he has for you. It is good. It is all so so good.


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§ 9 Responses to Locally Grown Gardens

  • Jim says:

    Great place. Worth the 15-min drive from my house.

    • christopher. says:

      It’s rad as hell to have it right around the corner. And Harris keeps really awesome operating hours for what it is. Most places like this close up pretty early, but I’ve gone on OMG I WANT PIE RIGHT NOW runs at 9pm before and he’s been open.

  • Dani says:

    I’ve been wanting to stop in for quite some time. Thanks for the encouraging review!

    • christopher. says:

      No problem! Hope you get in to check it out. It’s a great place to stop and get a root beer and hang out in the sun room or at the picnic table by the Monon, especially with the weather we’ve been having of late.

  • tjcuzns says:

    I’ve been by this place a few times and never gave it too much thought.I’ve been to some markets in Indy and what little produce they had to sell was usually one day ahead of the compost heap.But the mention of pulled pork hooked me like a blue gill.Then you added root beer and sugar cream pie;well that covers all the essential food groups.Now I have to go.Thanks for the info young fella I appreciate it!

    • christopher. says:

      Glad I convinced you to give it a shot. The sugar cream pie is worth it alone, and if you’re going for a root beer, I highly recommend the Fizzy Izzy brand pictured in the above photo.

      Stop back by after you’ve checked it out; let me know your thoughts!

  • tjcuzns says:

    Well a friend and I went to Gardens yesterday for lunch;and WOW.My friend had the pork and it was fantastic( he let me have a taste ).Knowing I was going to have pie I opted for the healthier salmon with citrus vinaigrette;it was a perfectly prepared.As for the pie you were right if that were all they had it would still be worth a trip.It makes you pie high.They didn’t have root beer so I’ll have to try it next time.Oh I gave you your props on my site-kosherhamandcheese.com.So once again thanks and may all the thingsinyourface be good.

    • christopher. says:

      Hey thanks!

      And great write up of the place. I just went back there with my wife earlier this week and we split the salmon with citrus vinaigrette. Absolutely amazing. Seriously, it’s like Chef Harris can do no wrong.

      Strange they didn’t have root beer. I still highly recommend the Fizzy Izzy. They normally have it in stock. Fizzy Izzy and Natural Vanilla Blue Bell ice cream makes the absolute best root beer floats you can ever imagine.

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