Week In Food: 6/11 – 6/18

June 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

Last week’s meat-light week went pretty okay. Of course, then I celebrated yesterday by eating a big ass sausage at a birthday party BBQ.

Not much to report this week, actually. We actually haven’t gotten around to planning our meals this week, but given that we’ve gotten 4 zucchini, a yellow squash, a few heads of Romaine lettuce about to bolt (thus ready to harvest), and about 4 cups of green beans from our garden this week, I’m assuming it’s going to involve those ingredients.

Also, I’m challenging myself (and Britt is, too) to eat no desserts or sugary drinks this week, except for berries and fresh fruit. I’m allowing myself honey in my Greek yogurt. Other than that, nothing.

Quick rumination: why do so many of our foods look phallic in nature? Sausage, squashes, Romaine hearts, even green beans in a sad way. Even nature is a misogynist ass.


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