Week In Food: 6/11 – 6/18

June 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

Last week’s meat-light week went pretty okay. Of course, then I celebrated yesterday by eating a big ass sausage at a birthday party BBQ.

Not much to report this week, actually. We actually haven’t gotten around to planning our meals this week, but given that we’ve gotten 4 zucchini, a yellow squash, a few heads of Romaine lettuce about to bolt (thus ready to harvest), and about 4 cups of green beans from our garden this week, I’m assuming it’s going to involve those ingredients.

Also, I’m challenging myself (and Britt is, too) to eat no desserts or sugary drinks this week, except for berries and fresh fruit. I’m allowing myself honey in my Greek yogurt. Other than that, nothing.

Quick rumination: why do so many of our foods look phallic in nature? Sausage, squashes, Romaine hearts, even green beans in a sad way. Even nature is a misogynist ass.


Week In Food: June 4 (Meat Light Week)

June 4, 2012 § 2 Comments

I’m not sure that I’m going to post these WIF’severy week from here on out. Probably every 2-3 weeks, or more if there’s a week that’s especially different or interesting. Basically, I don’t want every other post or so being my weekly food planning posts. That’ll get old kind of quick like.

But, I definitely wanted to post this week’s dinner plans because we decided to do a “meat light” week this week, which if anyone knows me, is kinda whack. I love me some muscle fibers. But, we’re already starting to get a lot of awesome vegetables from our garden, so we want to gnosh on that goodness as much as possible.

Plus, there is all that talk about eating less meat is really good for you and all that, and not only good for people, but for the environment and etc. etc. Which is cool and all, too. I saw this video on “weekday vegetarianism” on TED recently while Netflixing my life away, and thought it pretty interesting and actually level-headed reasoning behind this growing movement.

I could never fully give up meat (for one, I can’t eat beans, so protein would be rather difficult for me to get unless I’m constantly eating eggs and quinoa), but it’s definitely true that we as a society eat way too damn much of it, and that the way it is produced to keep up with the high-demand from our society is both inhumane and environmentally destructive. I’m no PETA supporter, but ol’ Kurt Vonnegut once said, “There’s only one rule that I know of, babies — God damn it, you’ve got to be kind.” And I don’t see any reason that advice can’t or shouldn’t be extended to our livestock.

So this week, we’re only eating meat one night, and I’m going to try to eat only nominal* amounts of it for my other meals throughout the week.

Here’s the menu:

  • Monday: On Our Own (I have a Vouched/WordLab event tonight at Earth House, which means I get to eat the best damn PB&J known to man.)
  • Tuesday: A Delicious Salad (Romaine and greens from our garden)
  • Wednesday: Veggie Pasta Toss
  • Thursday: Turkey Burgers, Roasted New Potatoes, and Fresh Garden Green Beans
  • Friday: Homemade Basil-Tomato Pizza

*Ha. “Nom”inal.

Week In Food: May 28

May 29, 2012 § 2 Comments

Finally back to the spreadsheet after the crazy couple weeks kept us from sitting down and planning our weekly dinners. In that time, we learned a couple things:

  1. If we’re going to the farmers market on Saturday morning, it would behoove us to plan our week before we are actually at the market.
  2. Attempting to plan a week’s dinners while I’m man-struating or heat-cranky or whatever the case was for me this past weekend is the opposite of productive. The conversation was basically Britt asking me, “What do you want Tuesday?” and me saying, “I don’t know. What do you want Tuesday?” and repeating that for pretty much every day of the week.

This week got a little wonky. We had a plan, then had to deviate last night, then had another plan, and given some more plan shifts, are deviating again. But, I think this accounts for all the crazy that’s come about.

Monday: We were going to do biscuits & gravy, but had to opt for frozen pizza due to a milk shortage.
Tuesday: Pasta & Meatballs w/ Tyler Gobble
Wednesday: Grilled salmon salad (w/ greens fresh from the garden!)
Thursday: Farro Risotto
Friday: Leftover-meatball subs before First Friday Art Walk

Also, if all goes according to plan, I’m carving out the afternoon this Sunday to actually cook something for a PIIYF post again. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve had the time to do that.

A Week In Food: April 30th

April 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

This week is hella busy, so there’s really not much to report on for our meal plan.

Tonight, I’m speaking to a creative writing class at a local college, then leaving from there to go directly to Muncie for a book release celebration for my chapbook The Fullness of Everything, a collection of 3 chapbooks by Brian Oliu, Tyler Gobble, and myself.

Thursday, I have another meeting with local author Andrew Scott and his wife and editor of Engine Books Victoria Barrett at La Escollera, an amazing little Mexican joint in Irvington on the east side of Indianapolis.

Lastly on Friday, I have to whip up a quick dinner before rushing downtown to set up my Vouched Books table for this week’s First Friday Art Walk at the Murphy Building.

Basically, it leaves Tuesday to do anything at all besides eat on the go. Busy’ness abounds.

Monday: Dinner in Muncie with pals
Tuesday: White Chicken Chili (we were going to do this last Friday, but plans changed due to my leaving for a camping trip earlier than expected)
Wednesday: Margherita Pizza
Thursday: Dinner meeting at La Escollera
Friday: Tomato Soup & Sandwich

A Week In Food: April 22nd

April 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

First week of meal planning down, and I’ll okay, okay: it’s awesome.

Don’t get me wrong, I tend to like flying by the seat of my pants in most cases in life, but weekly dinner it turns out is not one of those cases. When I was living by myself, I gave no shits about planning. All I had to please was myself, and hell, I could subsist on the same meal for days at a time if it was a good meal.

Britt, though, likes a bit more variety. So, coming home from work everyday, I’m thinking, “Shitshitshit, what do we have to make for dinner? Salmon. Cool. Wait, no, we had that a few days ago. Stir fry? No. That was Monday.” You get the picture.

So, this is relieving some stress, which is unexpected. I thought it’d add stress: every weekend having to plan what we’re going to have, having to take stock and go grocery shopping for what we’ll need. Too much structure.

But nope. It’s actually the opposite. Who’d’ve thought? (The answer is, “Probably everyone but me.”)

Anyway, here’s the coming week in food. Nothing too snazzy. You might recognize the Cheater’s Gumbo from its February debut here at PIIYF.

Monday: Red peppers stuffed w/ couscous, veggies, and goat cheese
Tuesday: Taco bowls w/ ground turkey (using rice as the base, not tortillas)
Wednesday: Possible pitch-in w/ friends, if not defaulting to a healthy frozen pizza
Thursday: Cheater’s Gumbo using leftover rice from Tuesday
Friday: White Chicken Chili


Awesome Life Update

Yesterday, I made the unexpected purchase of a new (to me) bike: a Raleigh Port Townsend. I’ve been riding my Swobo Sanchez for the past 4 years now, and while it’s a fast, slick, trusty bike, I’m not racing alleycats and zipping around downtown anymore. I’ve grown out of that, it seems, and of late, I’ve been wanting something more adapted to simple, everyday commuting. Enter this beauty:

I found her on consignment at Bicycle Exchange, a rad new’ish bike shop here in south Broad Ripple. I’ve been saving up to buy a Port Townsend new, so when I saw this, I jumped on it. The previous owner is evidently the lead wrench at Performance Bike, and it’s obvious. It’s in great shape, and even has some upgraded parts like some slick Nitto touring bars, a Forte cutaway saddle, upgraded wheels, etc.

I’ve already installed a rear rack on it, and snagged some panniers to haul all my crap around. I can’t wait to go grocery shopping on this baby.

A Week In Food: Failing to Plan and All that Crap

April 17, 2012 § 4 Comments

Last night, I stood in front of the mirror and pinched at myself. I said, “Dammit.”

On the road with the dudes in the South a couple weeks ago, I had no shame. I lived large. I ate large. I got large. In the span of a week, I put on 5 pounds. Legit pounds, too, pounds that stayed on past the couple days after I got back and started eating better again, and shed the water bloat and colon guilt of vacation eating.

I’m running again, building my base mileage to start training for the Monumental Half-Marathon in November, which I wussed out on last year. (I actually just registered for it, like, I took a break while writing this post to go register for it.) I’m riding to work again more consistently.

This is all fine and good.

But last night, Britt and I sat down, and she was like, “You talk about being fat a lot.” And, I was like, “Yeah. It sucks.” (For the record, I know I’m not “fat,” but I’m 30 pounds heavier than where I was 3 years ago, and not nearly as healthy, and that sucks.) And she said, “We should start planning meals. At least our dinners through the week.” And I said, “Okay,” and I probably sighed a lot, because I’m a pain in the ass and don’t like things that make me feel like a grown up. But, she’s a real believer in that, “If you fail to plan, then you should plan to fail,” thing that I think Abe Lincoln said.

So, we sat down and made a list of all the things we normally have for dinner that we consider “healthy” or at least “not pizza.” And dug through some cookbooks to find new things we want to try. And I found a pretty rad Weekly Meal Planner template that I imported into Google Docs and shared with Britt so we could both have it handy.

And I feel like maybe it’d be a cool feature to try to remember to post these weekly meal plans here so you guys can see what I’m eating and stuff, even if I’m not taking pictures of it. Plus, if you see something that looks interesting, you can say, “Hey, can you do a recipe post about that?”

So, here’s the first of A Week In Food, our weekly dinner plans. Weekends we are going to leave free form. I’ll likely use those to have “cheat days” or whatever, especially because my long runs training for the half-marathon will be on weekends, giving me plenty of room to suck the meat off a rack of ribs or something without remorse.

  • Monday: Turkey burgers, leftover roasted red potatoes, asparagus.
  • Tuesday: Pot-luck pasta (basically a mix of whatever vegetables we have on hand: onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach: all sauteed and tossed with some sort of pasta and olive oil)
  • Wednesday: Britt’s having a turkey pot pie; I’m having a garlic sausage from Smoking Goose that I bought at last week’s farmers market (not the healthiest, but I’ll be riding to work), and probably some grilled asparagus. Thank god it’s in season right now. I love me some fresh asparagus.
  • Thursday: Basil Parmesan Chicken w/ spinach and apple salad.
  • Friday: Maybe going out to eat with my dad after we finish some work in the backyard that he’s helping me with, so it’s up in the air.

So there you have it. Nothing too extravagant, though the basil Parmesan chicken salad we are having Thursday is something new we found in one of our cookbooks.

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