Locally Grown Gardens

March 19, 2012 § 9 Comments

That right there is pork pulled right. That right there is 1 of 2 dishes available at Locally Grown Gardens, a “year round farmers market” and eatery owned by Chef Ron Harris, who runs the joint and bakes the best damn sugar cream pie you’ve ever put in your face.

Actually, let’s be honest, he makes a lot of the best damn [insert food here] you’ve ever put in your face. Along with the above picture pulled pork, you can get the “other thing on the menu” salmon salad (another Garden-goer had ordered this and it looked amazing, but I wasn’t going to get all up in his grill with my camera), various baked goods depending on the season, produce from around Indiana, a well-stocked root beer collection, a selection of oils and vinegars and honeys and syrups and and and–basically everything stocked in this small, repurposed service station is the best of what it is. You can even grab a bundle or 4 of firewood for your next backyard campfire.

Locally Grown is right around the corner from my house at 54th & the Monon, which is at once awesome and dangerous. It’s handy for great local produce if I haven’t made it to a farmers market lately, but I basically want to spend all my money there and just have Chef cook for me all the time. I would also like to own everything in his kitchen/dining corner of the market.

Including his dining area/library/sun room.

If you’re in the south Broad Ripple area and you’ve not made it a point to stop in to LCG, get thee to there. If you haven’t had lunch or dinner yet, do so. Enjoy the reggae that Chef Harris enjoys, and chill out in the sun room and eat what he has for you. It is good. It is all so so good.


Indianapolis Winter Farmers Market

January 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

I finally made it to the Indianapolis Winter Farmers Market at the City Market today after an unsuccessful attempt last weekend that just resulted in breakfast at Cafe Patachou.

Colors and people and freshness.

Naturally I love farmers markets because of all the colors and the people and fresh goods for sale. I mean, did you know there are farmers and food vendors who actually grow and produce stuff within 50 miles of Indy, instead of you know, California or Venezuela or wherever? It’s pretty awesome how much better spinach from 25 miles away tastes than spinach from 1000 miles away.

Of course there are all the environmental benefits of less transportation costs and “supporting local economy” and all that, which are rad, don’t get me wrong. But really, how much we enjoy putting it in our faces is what we’re here for. The other stuff is just added bonus. Like, loving to ride your bike, and the added bonus is you’re not fat.

Here is a small sampling of just some of what’s available at the Winter Farmers Market. And here’s a link to a list of all the vendors.

Eat your vegetables.

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