Road Food: Mr. Zubs in Akron, or Big, Big Hearts Beat Big, Big Beats.

January 18, 2012 § 2 Comments

Ostensibly, this post is about Mr. Zubs in Akron, Ohio. This is where Nick Sturm, organizer extraordinaire of the Big Big Mess Reading Series took Tyler Gobble, Layne Ransom, Ashley Ford, and me to stuff our stomachs with sustenance to keep us upright through the amazing evening ahead.

Mr. Zubs is a rad little sandwich shop attached at the hip to The Matinee, where you can enjoy a plethora-board of sandwiches named after various iconic movies like the Dirk Diggler (a foot-long hotdog a la Boogie Nights) or the Rick Deckard (a buffalo chicken sandwich named after the protag of Blade Runner). The menu was put together by someone with an obvious boner for typography, though I have to admit, it was a bit daunting due to the sheer size of the menu and the all-caps text. I love the look of it, but there was some readability sacrificed.

The cool part about its Siamese twin situation with The Matinee is you can get some good brew to wash down your sandwiches, which I didn’t notice until we were on our way out, but it’s okay, because I was on the hunt for bourbon. And everyone knows, no beer before liquor if you’re in for a long night.

Ashley and I both put down the above-mentioned Deckard, which was awash in a spicy good buffalo sauce and the bread was perfect. My only complaint is the chicken wasn’t apt to staying in the bun, so I kept having to stuff pieces of chicken back into the sandwich.

Tyler doubled-down with the Hightower (Police Academy), which was a monstrosity of a sandwich containing an abundance of macaroni & cheese and bacon, stuffed between two pieces of toast. Vegetarian options here are plentiful, too, as Layne and our hosts were primarily vegan/vegetarian, and all of them went away happy, though I didn’t take note of what they were scarfing.

I didn’t get any pictures of the food, because I’m new at this whole food blogging thing. Sue me.

So there it is. Mr. Zubs in Akron, OH. A perfectly sound place to get a good sandwich, beer, and some tater tots in northeastern Ohio. You can stop here if all you care about is the food. If you want to hear about the rest of the weekend’s chicanery, hit the jump.
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Soda Sommelier & Reading in Akron

January 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

This post is also a confession that I’ve recently been to Burger King.

I was just poking through my phone and found this photo from a road trip I took with my friends Tyler Gobble and Layne Ransom to the Pygmalion Music Festival. Evidently, Burger King has hired a Soda Sommelier to help customers best pair their soda choice with their Whoppers.

Two words: Triple Whopper


Speaking of Tyler and Layne, I will again be road tripping with them next weekend. The three of us, along with Nate Slawson, will be reading in Akron, OH for the Big Big Mess Reading series on January 14. If you’re in the area, you should come drink beer and hang out. I’ll be reading poems and stories, not recipes. I promise.

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