The Bacon You Know Is Not Bacon

January 11, 2012 § 9 Comments

You have been lied to your whole life. What you thought to be bacon was only a sad knockoff, a shadow on the cave’s wall. This, my friends. This is Bacon.

Photo credit: Smoking Goose website

I picked up a package of jowl bacon from Andy “Smoking Goose” Cochran last Saturday at the Market, and didn’t even wait for Sunday morning breakfast to give it a cooking. It’s a fattier cut than regular old belly bacon, and in our waist-conscious culture, I think this tends to scare a lot of people off. My wife was scared, but she eats kosher anyway, so her opinion is irrelevant here.

Not the prettiest thing in the pan, but this pig's not trying to win a pageant.

You gotta cook this cut slow, treat it right. A lot of the fat will render off and be left in the pan, leaving you with a crispy, super tender strip of salt-smoke glory for your face.

The Goose recommends using it for recipes where rendering is forefront like a certain potato bacon soup or perhaps in an etouffee or shrimp & grits. For my first time, I just went with a standard ol’ Indiana breakfast, something I knew I wouldn’t screw up: scrambled eggs & bacon.

The bacon Ron Swanson dreams about.


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