aioli – (ay oh lee) n., 1: not mayonnaise. 2: oh all right, get fucked — it’s basically mayonnaise with garlic, lemon juice, and possibly other spices.

bourbon – (ber bin) n., 1: God’s gift to mankind. 2: a barrel-aged, distilled liquor made primarily from corn.

mise en place – (meez on plahs) n., 1: literally, “putting in place,” or having all your ingredients chopped, measured, and prepared before beginning a recipe. 2: a bourgie French way of saying, “All systems go for launch.”

NB – (en bee) n., 1: abbreviation for “nota bene,” or “note well,” or “listen up, fuckers.”

PIIYF – (pee eye eye why eff) n., 1: the act of putting something in one’s face. 2: abbreviation for this blog, you idiot. v., 1: to put something in your face.

Old Country – (old cunt tree) n., 1: probably means Italy. 2: really, anywhere from across The Pond where white people came from.

Pond, The – (thuh pahnd) n., 1: the Atlantic Ocean.

scullery – (skull er ree) n., 1: a Brit way of saying kitchen or pantry.

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